Introducing 15toKnow

Data shows that expanded testing access is necessary to control the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, knowing your COVID-19 status can provide you with security and peace of mind to resume your personal and economic activities.

We provide a rapid antigen test that will enable a large number of symptomatic or asymptomatic people to get tested for COVID-19. This test can be used repeatedly for continuous peace of mind. We also offer a molecular nucleic acid amplification test with similar technology and accuracy to RT-PCR but with results in 15 minutes.

15toKnow provides individuals and organizations different testing options, all with reliable and fast results so you can return to your normal activities without the worry of infecting others, at school, your place of business, or your home.


15toKnow is a rapid testing company operating on-demand, drive-through, and mobile in-place and mobile setup respiratory pathogens testing labs. Consumers, businesses, and institutions can choose when, why, and where to get tested. Easy, quick and affordable access to accurate respiratory pathogen testing will give the peace of mind needed to return to normal life.


As global interconnectedness grows, society will need defenses against novel pathogens. We seek to build society a strong, flexible defense platform against these new threats with affordable, fast and scalable distribution of virus testing.

The Team

Dr. Luciano Kapelusznik, M.D.

Medical Director & Managing Director

Doctor Kapelusznik has an extensive list of accomplishments as a board-certified infectious disease specialist. He is a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and was educated in both Argentina and the United States.

Mike Dershowitz

CEO & Managing Director

As a family man and social entrepreneur, Mike understands the level of anxiety and fear that uncertainty can cause. People often make the wrong decisions when they don't have all the information they need.

As a managing partner of 15toKnow, Mike believes that a unique opportunity now exists - to do good for society by providing an essential service that can help millions.

Noah Lubetsky

Operations Director

Noah is a Temple University graduate, who is proud to call Philadelphia his home. Noah comes to 15toKnow with 10 years of experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, where he gained invaluable experience in operations and marketing. He believes his participation in COVID-19 testing and awareness can bring reassurance and normalcy back to the City of Brotherly Love.

How It Works

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